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Vermont Memories, Vermont Professional Photographer

Vermont Memories, Vermont Professional Photographers

Digital vs Film:

Many people ask; "As a Vermont professional photographer, isn't film better than digital for weddings?".
Follow me on this. When you take a roll of film to Rite-aid or another film developer, do you see any darkroom? Of course not. What you see is a machine that feeds your negatives in one side and then prints your photos.
This is a scanner of your negatives. In other words it converts your photos into a digital format. And unless it is a FBI scanner, it will lose resolution when it scans.
Professional digital cameras bypass this process and record the photo directly to a digital card. There is no resolution loss because it is a direct process. So even if someone tells you that their cameras have better resolution and/or color, their process still has to go through the scanning process which loses quality.

A Vermont professional photographer, using a digital camera, has a backup in the camera.
So if one digital card fails, there is a backup card with all of your photos.
Do any film photographers have backup film in camera? of course not.
A professional photographer using a digital camera, also loads his/hers photos onto their computer and fine tunes the photos themselves.
They also make several backups.

The film photographer has only one set of negatives that
they usually send to a photo lab out-of-state.

The film photographer trusts someone else
that the negatives will not get lost.

The film photographer trusts someone else that the photos get corrected properly (by someone other than the photographer that you hired),

The film photographer trusts someone else
that the final photos come back the way that you want it.

If you hire a Vermont professional photographer, using a digital camera, they will do all of this process themselves. In other words, the professional photographer that you hire to film your wedding will also be the ONLY person who gets all of your photos the way that you want.

You invest so much trust in hiring a Vermont professional photographer for your wedding.
Which person would you prefer;
a professional photographer, who will be the only person who is responsible for your photos
someone who shoots film and then sends your photos to
someone who you never met to give a generic look to your photos.

Who do you feel would know you better?
We will make sure that one of the best days of your life, your Vermont wedding day,
is preserved and customized for you in great Vermont wedding pictures?

Our Photography Style for wedding pictures:

Our style is customer driven so you get the best Vermont wedding pictures.
You will hear a lot of labels being used about Vermont wedding photography...
Artistic, Formal, Photojournalism.
In reality, there are a combination of all of these photo opportunities
for Vermont wedding pictures available to shoot at every wedding.

Some couples do not want formal shots,
some couples want 2 hours of formals.

Bridal preparation has a lot of artistic shots and
the reception has a lot of candid shots.

But our most important goal is
to preserve the emotions of your wedding day in great Vermont wedding pictures.
The style or method is not as important as the substance of your Vermont Wedding day.

Which Photos Should We Have Taken?

We can provide a suggested list to you to give some ideas.
We can also suggest locations for your formals
depending on the time and light of the day.

In the end we work for you to give you
the remembrances on photos that you want.

And we will be prepared for unexpected events (rain, heat, etc.)

What If Your Camera Malfunctions?

Vermont Professional photographers should always carry backups to every wedding.
We always carry 2 and sometimes 3 cameras, lenses,
flashes, etc to every wedding that we shoot.
We have a commitment to making your day successful.

What if Our Guests Want to Take Photos as Well?

We encourage and sometimes guide them. The more photos, the better.
We are confident that our Vermont wedding photos will please you.

But your guests are entitled to their memories as well.
You can also print our photos for your guests since we provide a CD of all of your photos
(see packages).
Your guests can also order any photo(s) online
direct from us.

These are just some questions that some couples ask us about their Vermont wedding day. You will probably have many more.
Please contact us;
we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have.
We want you to feel confident that Vermont Memories will be the best Vermont wedding photographers
for your wedding day.

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